phlebotomus fever

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phle·bot·o·mus fever

[New Latin Phlebotomus, sand fly genus (from Late Latin phlebotomus, lancet, from Greek phlebotomos, opening a vein; see phlebotomy).]
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DEADLY dog disease Alabama Rot has spread further into Wales.
YET another case of deadly flesheating dog disease Alabama Rot has been reported in the Midlands.
DEADLY dog disease Alabama Rot has claimed the life of yet another muchloved family pet.
At the time of this study, few physicians had even heard of Ehrlichiosis, which once was thought to be strictly a dog disease.
Which American dog disease is believed to have spread to the UK?
The disease is also known as Canine rickettsiosis, canine hemorrhagic fever, tracker dog disease and canine tick typhus, Nairobi bleeding disorder and tropical canine pancytopenia.
There are believed to be 300 immigrant families on the sprawling estate at the centre of the area, which is decorated by signs warning of dog disease and a few flags of St George draped from windows.
Our work aims to develop simplified dog disease detection ES.
It is no longer just a GSD disease, or a working dog disease.
Rabies, also called mad dog disease or "hydrophobia" is a fatal illness that causes the brain to swell.