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dog paddle

A prone swimming stroke in which the head is kept out of the water and the arms remain submerged and are alternately thrust forward and pulled back while the legs kick.

dog′-pad′dle v.


[ˈdɒgˌpædl] VInadar como los perros
see also dog C
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Even with severe injuries, he lowered himself into the harbor and dog-paddled out to keep an unconscious seaman alive until help could reach them.
So, the creature probably dog-paddled its way through the water.
The water polo team, coached by Van Nuys' Rich Corso, was stunned in the quarterfinals by Spain and dog-paddled home to a seventh-place finish.
But with significant leg injuries - bones were exposed - they would have likely had to have dog-paddled the swamp.
It sounds like a fairy tale: A dog named Coconut Harry fell overboard, dog-paddled the rough Atlantic for miles and wound up on an isle of monkeys.