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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - having the approximate size of an average dog
sized - having a specified size
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The dog-sized creature's teeth curved downwards and its beak-like mouth, more slender than its western relatives, proved their diets differed.
com) boasts an invasion of giant dog-sized ants, and anthropomorphized chairs, which reflect its position as hosts of the fantastic open air club, right next to the Hard Rock Hotel, (www.
The fossilised skeleton of the dog-sized creature, a theropod dinosaur, is described as a cousin of the giant tyrannosaurus rex and is believed to be the earliest specimen of a Jurassic era dinosaur ever to walk the Earth.
Nana the dog makes a startling entrance through a dog-sized door flap, then bangs his head on exiting before getting stuck completely.
Archosaurs, whose living relatives are birds and crocodilians, are of interest to scientists because it's thought that they led to animals like Asilisaurus, a dinosaur-like animal, and Nyasasaurus parringtoni, a dog-sized creature with a five-foot-long tail that could be the earliest dinosaur.
from the artist Nobu Tamura shows a much more spry version of this dog-sized cerotopisan.
The price of a dog-sized local ram weighing less than 40 kilos has exceeded LE1,320 (circa $220), whereas the price of a 60 kilo ram exceeds LE2,200, consumers complained.
One of the earliest dinosaurs was a dog-sized meat eater named Eoraptor (EE-oh-RAP-tur), so perhaps it was the first dinosaur to go extinct.
I recently bought this dog-sized stuffed animal from the swap meet so he could play with something that was his size.
To hear her talk about her loveable, but frankly none-too-sharp dog-sized bundle of crazy, you'd think he was a reasoned, educated man of the world whose decisions are all taken after reasoned debate.
Graeme Sawyer, member of Australian environmental group FrogWatch, which captured a dog-sized cane toad--measuring a record-breaking 20.
Located at 1250 Dell Avenue, between Los Gatos Creek County Park's casting ponds and San Tomas Expressway, the dog park features separate entrances and spacious play areas for large and small canines, play areas with logs and boulders, leash holding stations and dog-sized water fountains.