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 (dôg′kăch′ər, dŏg′-)
A dog officer.


(ˈdɔgˌkætʃ ər, ˈdɒg-)

a person employed by a municipal pound, humane society, or the like, to find and impound stray or homeless dogs, cats, etc.
[1825–35, Amer.]
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Any person running for an elected position, whether it be for dogcatcher or president, who fails to remember [the growing Hispanic population] does so at their own peril," he said.
Trump firing back on Twitter, saying the two term senator and former mayor couldn't be elected dogcatcher without his endorsement.
In the centre of Paris, a friend observed, Marine Le Pen could not get herself elected dogcatcher.
Whether it's a dogcatcher election or president of the United States, but I sat there that morning and I could not see a door labeled no action here," he remarked.
At this rate, even those running for the office of dogcatcher will have to prove their toughness.
That guy, he couldn't be elected dogcatcher in Florida," Trump told supporters in North Carolina.
Because to say today what the Chief Justice of the United States said 28 years ago would be to render oneself unfit for public office--not merely as Chief Justice but as CEO of a private company, or host of a cable home-remodeling show, or dogcatcher in Dead Moose Junction.
I see him as a pragmatist who, whatever he may hold in his heart, knows full well that you can't get elected dogcatcher in most parts of this country--and certainly not to high office--without professing belief in Judeo-Christian mythology.
Harry chimes in, "She once chased a dogcatcher half a mile with a baseball bat," and David quips, "Well, she hasn't changed as much as you think.
56) In a Depression-era Maine town that bans canines, a 12-year-old girl tries to get the policy overturned by hounding the villainous town dogcatcher and his brother, who happens to be the mayor.
He remains the most popular candidate of the center-right while the current French Socialist president, Francois Hollande, is so miserably unpopular he couldn't get elected as a dogcatcher.
a regulated utility in California bankrolls a super PAC whose sole purpose is to elect a candidate for dogcatcher in a small town in Maine), the vast majority of corporate political contributions will not fall into this category.