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 (dôg′fās′, dŏg′-)
n. Slang
A US Army foot soldier, especially in World War II.


(Military) military slang US an infantry soldier in the US Army, esp in World War II


(ˈdɔgˌfeɪs, ˈdɒg-)

n. Older Slang.
an enlisted man in the U.S. Army, esp. an infantryman in World War II.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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But there are also some cult gems in the shape of the Bafta-nominated Cardinal Burns, the part-animated Modern Toss and Dogface, which also featured cartoon segments starring, as the name suggests, talking dogs.
Of all the storied deprivations that comprised the lot of the Allied dogface in WWII, few were more intimidating than Hitler's zipper.
Fall In, Fall Out: The Dogface Years" is Joseph's memoir, set against the backdrop of President Truman's racially integrated army, charged to protect Western Europe from Russia's hostile, overwhelming might during the deepening freeze of the Cold War.
During the dog days of summer, unless it is raining cats and dogs, you can go down the road past the dogleg where next to the dogwood tree you will find a dog eared hot dog vendor who was a dogface during the war and has the dog tags to prove it.
It's an inspiring sight to be here and see so many dogface soldiers gathered in one place.
5) Dogface Soldier is meant to be the biography of Lucian Truscott and to earn him his deserved recognition.
It continues down to the grunt and dogface on the ground and their problems, such as, body bags and compatible fuel nozzles.
Yet, Sergeant Evans observes wryly, "since you're the first dogface to come back .
They are teaching the driver a lesson by making him say "I'll never splash mud on a dogface again" one thousand times before they will help him move the vehicle (See Figure 4).
Dogface Soldier is Heefner's most ambitious project to date.
BB10 This series showed the lengths people would go to be part of BB with two housemates having their names changed to Halfwit and Dogface.
Amanda says she and Sophie, aka Dogface, shared a room on the shoot.