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Now, Felix," said Angel drily, "we are very good friends, you know; each of us treading our allotted circles; but if it comes to intellectual grasp, I think you, as a contented dogmatist, had better leave mine alone, and inquire what has become of yours.
Well, you lived an obstinate dogmatist, and you mean to die one," said Summerlee sourly.
You are a sheer dogmatist, and that's what makes it so marvellous.
Like many Dutch coaches, Advocaat has been painted in some quarters as a tactical dogmatist, wedded to 4-3-3, but similar things were said of Louis van Gaal early last year and he has been flexible to a fault at Manchester United.
While a dogmatist might, in fact, be correct, while I am in error, the fact that dogmatists insulate their errors from correction means that I have, all else being equal, more reason to suspect dogmatists of error than those who are open to at least the possibility of correction.
Me, being a dogmatist, asked my professor what the rules of the game were.
In the process, he shows how Deleuze evades criticism of being a speculative dogmatist.
Is he a bigheaded, pig-headed dogmatist, or a visionary who just wants to get across views about which he feels passionately?
Of special interest is the chapter that explains "How to Non-Dogmatically Challenge Dogmatic Thinking," with its suggestion that it is not "what" a dogmatist believes that is problematic; it is "how.
Everything profound loves the mask," wrote Nietzsche, who wanted the new philosopher to be an "attempter," an essayist on the model of Montaigne-in any event, not a dogmatist.
Far from a dogmatist like the citizen or an ivory-tower poet like Dedalus, he absorbs himself everyday in the lives and well-being of others--his wife and daughter, Paddy Dignam's widow and Mina Purefoy, Dedalus himself--reviving the myths of his origin.