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or dog sled  (dôg′slĕd′, dŏg′-)
A sled pulled by one or more dogs.

dog′sled′ v.
dog′sled′der n.
dog′sled′ding n.


chiefly US and Canadian a sleigh drawn by dogs. Also called: dog sledge (Brit) or dog sleigh


(ˈdɔgˌslɛd, ˈdɒg-)

n., v. -sled•ded, -sled•ding. n.
1. Also, dog′ sledge`. a sled pulled by dogs, esp. in the Arctic.
2. to travel by dogsled.
[1800–10, Amer.]
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Noun1.dogsled - a sled pulled by dogsdogsled - a sled pulled by dogs    
sled, sledge, sleigh - a vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow
Canada - a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"
Verb1.dogsled - travel with a dogsled
sled, sleigh - ride (on) a sled
mush - drive (a team of dogs or a dogsled)
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Chukka is home to the Jamaica Dogsled Team and awards include the "Caribbean's Leading Nature Adventure Excursion Operator" 2007 World Travel Award.
Wilderness Inquiry, a non-profit organization that integrates people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities through outdoor adventure, today announced its winter 2003 outdoor adventure trips: "Tropical 10,000 Islands Canoe" in the Florida Everglades and "Boundary Waters Ski & Dogsled Adventure" in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border.
And Chukka Caribbean Adventures is home to the one-and-only Jamaica Dogsled Encounter in Ocho Rios, a wonderful excursion for dog lovers of all ages.
WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Danny Melville owner and founder of the Jamaica Dogsled Team announced today that his lead musher will train with former Yukon Quest champion Hans Gatt in the hopes of qualifying for the 2009 Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race -- billed as the toughest sled dog race in the world.
Dogsled Jack, as he is formally known, is a bendable toy from Jack in the Box(R) restaurants.
June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- There will be a special Saturday screening of the Palm Pictures feature documentary "Sun Dogs" chronicling the creation of the Jamaica Dogsled Team, Saturday, June 16, 2007.
This fifth release in a line of collectible figurines offered by Jack in the Box, features six figures -- Astronaut Jack, Judo Jack, Mountaineer Jack, Surfer Jack, Jack on a Dogsled and Hockey Jack.
com, Letting Viewers Step Into The Trash-Talking Ring or Riff on their Favorite Pop- Culture LAF022 06/08/2007 11:54 r f TX-Goss-MichaelEurope (DALLAS) Kenny Goss and George Michael Take European Art Scene by Storm AQF006 06/08/2007 12:00 r f CA-Dovetail-web-movie (SAN FRANCISCO) Dovetail Opens the Curtain on Online Cinematic Experience Using Adobe Flex 2 NYF052 06/08/2007 12:00 r f Jamaica-Dogsled-Team (OCHO RIOS) Special Screening of Jamaica Dogsled Team 'Sun Dogs' at Dog Power 2007 NYF054 06/08/2007 12:09 r f Jenoff-Quill-nominee (TORONTO) Pam Jenoff's The Kommandant's Girl is a 2007 Quill Award Nominee LAF021 06/08/2007 12:17 r f CA-Pasadena-Roses (PASADENA) Bam
Poo-Chi arrived via a dogsled team led by Doug Swingley, the 2000 Iditarod champion.
traveled 1,000 miles by dogsled from the Pacific Coast to the Arctic Ocean delivering an unparalleled learning experience to millions of K-12 students throughout the world.
Moreover, attendees will be entered in a contest awarding a total of six outdoors vacation packages-for-two, such as: a Nevada Wilderness off-Road adventure; golf at TPC Sawgrass with greens fees and carts for five days; a cruise along Belize and the Bay Islands of Honduras; a sail in the Caribbean on the Sir Francis Drake; a ski and dogsled adventure with Outward Bound; heli-skiing in the Cascades; white water rafting on the Salmon River; scuba diving and fishing off the coral reek in the Florida Keys; or a trip to see the making of Macanudos by hand in the Dominican Republic.
OCHO RIOS, Jamaica, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- SUN DOGS, the feature documentary chronicling the struggle and adventure of the founding of the Jamaica Dogsled Team, will premiere at the ReelWorld Film Festival (RWFF) on April 12, 2007.