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or dog sled  (dôg′slĕd′, dŏg′-)
A sled pulled by one or more dogs.

dog′sled′ v.
dog′sled′der n.
dog′sled′ding n.


US a person who uses a dogsled
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In the spring of 2007, Viesturs will join renowned Polar explorer and dogsledder Will Steger, plus Sir Richard Branson and his son Sam, for a ski and dogsled traverse of Baffin Island to focus attention on how global warming is impacting the way of life of the local Inuit.
From and pours Alaskan dogsledders, has $800; beers at its a billiards room.
E wrote about many of these climate change effects (impacting everyone from dogsledders to maple syrup producers) in its feature ("Losing Winter") in 2008.