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or dog sled  (dôg′slĕd′, dŏg′-)
A sled pulled by one or more dogs.

dog′sled′ v.
dog′sled′der n.
dog′sled′ding n.


US a person who uses a dogsled
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In the spring of 2007, Viesturs will join renowned Polar explorer and dogsledder Will Steger, plus Sir Richard Branson and his son Sam, for a ski and dogsled traverse of Baffin Island to focus attention on how global warming is impacting the way of life of the local Inuit.
Molly and her partners, Hannah Vanderlan and Michael Lloyd had learned about a rather famous teenager in Steamboat Springs, Colorado whose love of dogs and the outdoors drove her, at a very young age, to become a dogsledder and thought this would be a story worth telling and a great way to pay tribute to Susan Butcher.
BUYING ALASKA - Sled Dogs Andy and Carolyn are avid dogsledders from New Jersey.