hound's-tooth check

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houndstooth check

hounds·tooth check

or hound's-tooth check  (houndz′to͞oth′)
A textile design of small broken checks. Also called dogtooth.

hound's-tooth check

(Textiles) a pattern of broken or jagged checks, esp one printed on or woven into cloth. Also called: dog's-tooth check or dogtooth check



or hounds′tooth`) check′,

a pattern of broken or jagged checks, used on a variety of fabrics.
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Noun1.hound's-tooth check - textile with a pattern of small broken or jagged checks
check - a textile pattern of squares or crossed lines (resembling a checkerboard); "she wore a skirt with checks"
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Pet pooches can now match their Chav owners thanks to Midland shop Paws Here, which stocks Burberry coats and dogtooth check caps and scarves.
It's not just the multicoloured rollers that are bothering us, though - it's the turned- up dogtooth check trousers with city-style brogues and overcoat that are just as frightening.
I think that really shows most in the dogtooth check poncho and the little short dresses and tops.
I love traditional materials, so I've incorporated a version of dogtooth check throughout my work.
Similarly, Liberty's Manzi range uses black-and-white damask curtains as a backdrop to a bold black-and-white wide stripe sofa, and a footstool clothed in dogtooth check.
Black and white has also made a comeback, with dogtooth check and chevrons enlarged to unrecognisable proportions, and chambermaid-style dresses complete with white collar.