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n. pl. doi·lies
1. A small ornamental mat, usually of lace or linen.
2. A small table napkin.

[After Doily or , Doyly, 18th-century London draper.]


(ˈdɔɪlɪ) ,




n, pl -lies or -leys
a decorative mat of lace or lacelike paper, etc, laid on or under plates
[C18: named after Doily, a London draper]


(ˈdɔɪ li)

n., pl. -lies.
1. any small, ornamental mat, esp. one of embroidery or lace.
2. Archaic. a small, dainty napkin.
Sometimes, doyley.
[1670–80; after a 17th–century London draper]
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Noun1.doily - a small round piece of linen placed under a dish or bowldoily - a small round piece of linen placed under a dish or bowl
linen - white goods or clothing made with linen cloth


[ˈdɔɪlɪ] N (under cake) → blonda f; (under ornament) → pañito m de adorno


[ˈdɔɪli] n (made of paper)dessus m d'assiette


n(Spitzen- or Zier)deckchen nt


doyley, doyly [ˈdɔɪlɪ] ncentrino di carta sottopiatto
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Jill Journeaux's My Mother's Doily seems to incorporate new stitching on an old piece of fabric, exploring ideas of female experience and the idea of sewing through choice or necessity.
I have pictures of him along with an embroidered doily that he sent to my grandmother, Elizabeth.
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE (9pm BBC1) NO matter how much the contestants screw up on Bake Off, the lovely Mary Berry will always find some small thing to praise about their efforts - even if it's only their choice of doily.
In true 1950s spirit, there was lots of make-doand-mend activities, supported by Middlesbrough's Percy Scrapstore, such as making vintage colour spinners, paper dolls and cut out clothes and paper doily bunting.
Katie, who has eight of the creatures, said: "It started as a family joke when I saw a picture of a tortoise with a doily on its back.
The six-axle steer doily is 10 feet wide for increased roll stability and safety.
3 Not your grandma's doily, this chic and lacy little black dress ($495) is by celeb-adored Catherine Malandrino.
Cover these stitches with another button, doily or something else that takes your fancy, smooth out the fabric and place somewhere for all to admire.
Olivia Palermo, 26 The American style queen usually looks fabulous but this pink outfit looks like a doily.
of steamy hot chocolate, And follow the ant's folly On the doily of
Table decorations were milk-glass compotes and containers filled with pink garden roses, lime hydrangeas, and English boxwood placed on a doily table runner.