dolce vita

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dolce vi·ta

 (vē′tə, -tä)
A luxurious, self-indulgent way of life.

[Italian : dolce, sweet + vita, life.]

dolce vita

(ˈdɒltʃɪ ˈviːtə; Italian ˈdoltʃe ˈvita)
a life of luxury
[Italian, literally: sweet life]

dol•ce vi•ta

(ˈdɔl tʃɛ ˈvi tɑ)

n. Italian.
the good life (usu. prec. by la).

dolce vita

An Italian phrase meaning sweet life, used to mean a life of luxury and ease.
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WEST End star and operatic singer Sarah Redmond will be making a rare appearance at La Dolce Vita restaurant in Scissett on Sunday, November 1.
Black nubuck wedges "Savoy" from Dolce Vita, $84; Taylor Collection, 2082 Main St.
Over the next six months, Fidenza Village will become a grand theatre for events inspired by three themes centred on the cornerstones of Italian culture: Romantic Opera, La Dolce Vita and Italian Passion.
Follow in her footsteps in a Pearce II Fionda Dolce Vita in a Pearce II Fionda Dolce Vita prom dress, PS165 (in store only) prom dress, PS165 (in store only) Debenhams and Head Over Heels Debenhams and Head Over Heels Audrine pointed court shoes, PS39 Audrine pointed court shoes, PS39 (www.
ANITA EKBERG, the Swedish-born actress and sex-symbol of the 1950s and '60s who was immortalized bathing in the Trevi fountain in La Dolce Vita, has died.
LA Dolce Vita sex symbol Anita Ekberg died yesterday, aged 83.
Dolce Vita M was brilliantly ridden to win by Faleh Suwayed al-Ajami, ahead of Anyway II (Shiekh Ali bin Khalid al-Thani) and Tamira (Khalid al-Emadi)
Twins Tony and Jack Sayers dressed up as gangland bosses the Krays at the event, which celebrated the history of La Dolce Vita.
Other clubs that served food included The Garryowen in Small Heath and La Dolce Vita on Smallbrook Ringway.
Marnane, who spent eight years in Dubai during the late 90s as assistant to former champions Kieran McLaughlin and Doug Watson, saddles Jamesie in the Longines Dolce Vita all-weather Handicap and Red Dubawi in the Longines Master Collection Turf Handicap.
com)-- After almost ten years of great popularity, the special program La Dolce Vita will come back in September in all the venues of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci.
The boutique is 1,000 s/f and is down the block from Cynthia Vincent, Dolce Vita, and Tory Butch.