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n. Chiefly British
A dark, fine-grained igneous rock; diabase.

[French dolérite, from Greek doleros, deceitful (from its easily being mistaken for diorite), from dolos, trick; see del- in Indo-European roots.]

dol′er·it′ic (ə-rĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Recent baddeleyite datings of the Breven-Hallefors doleritic dyke swarm in south-central Sweden opposite NW Lithuania at ca 1.
Carn Goedog is the likely major source of Stonehenge doleritic bluestones: evidence based on compatible element geochemistry and Principal Component Analysis.
Besides, the presence of ubiquitous intrusive bodies that are either doleritic or gabbroic has been delineated in the Bornu Basin by Carter et al.
The moderate bulk densities can be attributed to a combination of relatively high organic matter content in the doleritic soils, low use of machinery and slash retention and scattering on the harvested forest sites.
In western and central Sinai, there are a number of basaltic bodies mostly of doleritic dikes, sills and plugs; flows are known near to Abu Zenima and Hammam Faraun (Meneisy, 1990).
Samples of outcropping granite and dolerite and of granitic and doleritic saprolite were collected from Jarrahdale railway cutting (30 km north of the Huntly mine).
3), and consist principally of fine-grained plagioclase laths and biotite with varying quantities of generally rounded and resorbed xenocrysts of K-feldspar and quartz; textures include doleritic, ophitic, and microgranular (Fig.
The geology in this region is dominated by the sediments of the Precambrian Mbuji-Mayi Formation, which locally comprise dolomites, sandstones and argillites, as well as doleritic volcanics.
in Clough & Cummins 1988) is rather more exceptional in petrography, being an altered (uralitic) doleritic rock.
The mineralisation occurs along a plunge distance of some 250 metres to an approximate depth of 150 metres and it occurs irregularly on the crest and flanks of the arched doleritic intrusion.
the Du River Prospect, comprising mesothermal gold veins in gabbros; the Kui copper anomaly, comprising copper veins in doleritic sea-floor volcanics; and the Simboma gold anomaly, comprising epithermal gold veins in andesitic sea-floor volcanics.