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 (dŏl′ə-kō-krā′nē-əl) also dol·i·cho·cra·nic (-nĭk)
Having a relatively long skull with a cranial index of 74.9 or less.

[Greek dolikhos, long; see del- in Indo-European roots + cranial.]

dol′i·cho·cra′ny n.
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Adj.1.dolichocranic - having a relatively long head with a cephalic index of under 75
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The male and female skulls were further divided into brachicranic, mesocranic and dolichocranic and the previous classifications were correlated with these anthropometric types.
Kennewick's skull is often described as "narrow, with a prominent nose, an upper jaw that juts out slightly, and a long narrow braincase," or, more properly, dolichocranic and slightly prognathous, marked by a lack of an inferior zygomatic projection.