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n. Chiefly British
Variant of dolor.


(ˈdɒlə) or


poetic grief or sorrow
[C14: from Latin, from dolēre to grieve]
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Noun1.dolour - (poetry) painful grief
poesy, poetry, verse - literature in metrical form
brokenheartedness, grief, heartache, heartbreak - intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)
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The evidence against Mr Adams related to allegations by former IRA commander Brendan Hughes and Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price, both dead, to researchers compiling an oral archive of the Troubles for Boston College, Massachusetts.
But that was dealt a blow in 2013 when detectives investigating mother-of-10 Jean McConville's abduction and murder secured the transcripts of ex-IRA woman Dolours Price's account.
Former IRA members Brendan Hughes and Dolours Price, both now dead, claimed in the tapes Mr Adams had a role in ordering the murder of Mrs McConville in 1972.
Prior to her death last year, Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price made further allegations separate to the Boston College project, saying Adams gave the orders -- and again he rejected the claims.
One of her abductors, Dolours Price, claimed before her death last year that she carried out the kidnapping on the orders of Adams.
McGlinchy and her late sister Dolours were previously jailed and is sent mo as w o for their roles in a car bomb for in a attack on the attack Bailey in 1973.
The Northern Irish police's case for the subpoenas stems from an interview the project had with Dolours Price, a former IRA member known for her involvement in a 1973 car bombing in central London at the Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales.
Boston College must give police the recordings by its researchers of talks with Dolours Price by next month, after an appeals court rejected an effort to stop their release - requested by the UK Government.
Or more particularly, it was the sins that the Church triumphant spoke of and their general message of the dolours of this world that seemed to torture his mind.
Marian and Dolours Price were IRA bombers who were sentenced to life imprisonment in 1973 but released in 1980.
7) The burgeoning Chatswood parish between 1950 and 1970 completed its main Church of Our Lady of Dolours, built new churches in east and west Chatswood, expanded the Christian Brothers High School, rebuilt the parish primary school and helped to establish a new girls school, Catholic Girls Regional High School.