domestic violence

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domestic violence

Physical or emotional abuse of a household member, especially one's spouse or domestic partner.

domes′tic vi′olence

acts of violence against a member of one's immediate family, esp. in the home.
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Noun1.domestic violence - violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partnerdomestic violence - violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner; usually violence by men against women
violence, force - an act of aggression (as one against a person who resists); "he may accomplish by craft in the long run what he cannot do by force and violence in the short one"
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when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.
The out-of-court settlement required the police department to change its policies and was hailed as a turning point in the country's police and court treatment of domestic violence cases.
Simpson is the embodiment of what experts on domestic violence have been saying for years: that the problem cuts across class lines and occurs even in the so-called "best" families; that the guy who beats may seem, outside his home, like the nicest guy you ever met; that the batterers (and too often the police) regard the crime as a private family matter even after the woman is dead.
Sometimes a domestic violence incident will be recorded as an assault initially but we have procedures in place to ensure that it is ultimately recorded as a domestic violence incident.
Stopping Domestic Violence has invaluable content, which is critically suited for any agency that responds to spousal abuse incidents.
We are learning to lobby on our own behalf," says Shaw, who was appointed to a state committee as a result of Native peoples' increased political visibility on domestic violence issues.
For the last decade, studies have shown that domestic violence is a leading cause of injury for women in the United States.
Beth Silverman-Yam, clinical director of Sanctuary, who oversees the program and trained the dancers on issues related to domestic violence, is thrilled by the program's success.
The jurisdictions that have specialized domestic violence courts in Canada include Winnipeg, London.
Simply by making a toll-free phone call to 888-Rx-ABUSE, healthcare providers can request free information, talk to an expert on domestic violence, and be connected to a national network of experts who can provide training or consultation.
The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center runs a domestic violence prevention support and treatment program, known as STOP.
A taxpayer who has been a victim of domestic violence and fears that filing a claim for innocent spouse relief will result in retaliation should write "Potential Domestic Abuse Case" at the top of Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief.

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