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 (dō′mĭ-kəl, dŏm′ĭ-)
Shaped like or having a dome.

do′mi·cal·ly adv.


(ˈdoʊ mɪ kəl, ˈdɒm ɪ-)

also dom′ic,

1. domelike.
2. having a dome.
dom′i•cal•ly, adv.
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PESHAWAR -- Advisor to Chief Minister, on Archaeology, Tourism, Sports, and Youth Affairs, Amjad Khan Afridi Thursday formally inaugurated domical stylized shed over trench and diorama at the historic Gor Khutree archaeological complex to preserve the ancient-era monument, and to convert it into an open museum, which is backed to sixth century BC.
Through the branches, a Roman domical edifice is seen, perhaps the Roman Pantheon of 100 CE or, even more suggestively, the Temple of Minerva Medica of the fourth century.
In the corners again are sculptures of four parrots seated on a domical platform.
There are three major NNW trending anticlines, with domical geometries in the eastern part of the anticlinorium, and the correspondent synclines in the midst between them (Fig.
Thus, creating a central yard at the middle of the building and constructing a water pond and garden in it increases the humidity in the biological environment, and also mud and brick walls, which are built with a relatively high thickness so that they can endure the heavy load of arched and domical vaults, decrease the temperature variations during day and night as a heat capacitor.
domical shade has a 6 row geometric brick background at the top and a single row at the lower rim, under a 1.
The upper design on the sheet renders the top view of the domical vault as a single continuous surface, with the courses of masonry depicted as simplified rings, while the lower design offers the correlated elevation of the domical vault, but introduces the idea of the tripartite gored vault with its separating ribs; the squat windows on the cornice level are very lightly drawn on the paper, almost like pentimenti.
They are construed as remnants of a former domical hill the flanks and lower slopes of which have been disintegrated.
It is interesting to note that despite the absolute absence of any kind of rock-cut furniture for dining (Kalas, 2000, 89), the majority of so-called courtyard complexes contained spacious kitchens, recognizable from their huge conical, pyramidal or domical "chimney-vault" (13) and the occasional presence of carved hearths and niches in the surrounding walls (Figure 5-7).
Tufail said that under the law, Ahmedis were non-Muslims, and therefore, cannot have any building or place of worship that was domical in structure.
Pre-Classical Developments in Domical Construction.