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 (dŏm′ə-nē′, dō′mə-)
n. Scots
1. A cleric.
2. A schoolmaster.

[Obsolete domine, clergyman, from Latin, vocative of dominus, lord; see dem- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Education) a Scot word for schoolmaster
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a minister or clergyman: also used as a term of address
[C17: from Latin dominē, vocative case of dominus lord]


(ˈdɒm ə ni, ˈdoʊ mə-)

1. Scot. a schoolmaster.
2. Archaic. a pastor or minister.
[1605–15; < Latin dominus master, lord]
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Noun1.dominie - a clergymandominie - a clergyman; especially a settled minister or parson
clergyman, man of the cloth, reverend - a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church
References in classic literature ?
My heart was beating hard at this great prospect now suddenly opening before a lad of seventeen years of age, the son of a poor country dominie in the Forest of Ettrick.
Of these four things, the first is your legal due: the little pickle money for your father's books and plenishing, which I have bought (as I have explained from the first) in the design of re-selling at a profit to the incoming dominie.
The master's wife would go on a visit to the country in a few days, and there would be nothing to interfere with the plan; the master always pre- pared himself for great occasions by getting pretty well fuddled, and the sign-painter's boy said that when the dominie had reached the proper condition on Examina- tion Evening he would "manage the thing" while he napped in his chair; then he would have him awakened at the right time and hurried away to school.
Three neighbours surrounded her when the dominie administered the Extreme Unction.
This fact restored his equnimity; but he did n't crow over her, far from it; for he helped her with a paternal patience that made her eyes twinkle with suppressed fun, as he soberly explained and illustrated, unconsciously imitating Dominie Deane, till Polly found it difficult to keep from laughing in his face.
There are two family oracles, one or other of which Dutch housewives consult in all cases of great doubt and perplexity,--the dominie and the doctor.
The nomination was put forward by Mr Smith-Scott's daughter, Dominie, who saw the whole incident.
Shannon, also mum to one-year-old Dominie, added: "Every time I tell people the story they say it gives them the chills.
The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine what, if any, impact that attending a four year old kindergarten program had on five year old kindergarteners reading ability as measured by Dominie testing, compared to those five year olds who did not attend a four year old program at Inman Elementary School.
Relying heavily on the account of Bogardus's biographer Willem Frijhoff, the author considers this conflict "the pivot around which New Netherland's history ultimately turned," centering on "a contest between church and state, dominie and director, for control over public morality on the one hand and public policy on the other" (42-43, 50-51).
Another detail indicating the close association which Greig intended between the play and its audience and performers is a stage direction, occurring at a point when the Dominie sits down to read a newspaper: "(Reads aloud to himself faked paragraph with humorous local allusion)' (p.
THE I visited Tides, along with my daughter Dominie, and son Mitch, on a beautiful sunny, but slightly breezy Saturday afternoon, and because it is many years since we had last walked this far along the prom, we were surprised to find that if you wanted to sit down and rest after your long walk, instead of having to perch on the wall outside the cafe as we used to in the past, the new owners, Thornley Leisure Park have thoughtfully provided an impressive outside seating area to the front, THE 2 x Paninis PSSpecial Burger 1 x chips PS2 x orange 1 x coke PS1.