domoic acid

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do·mo·ic acid

A water-soluble amino acid found in various marine algae that is a potent, often deadly neurotoxin to humans when consumed in contaminated mussels, clams, crabs, and anchovies.

[From Japanese dialectal (Tokunoshima Island) domoi, seaweed (Chondria armata) in which the toxin is found.]

domoic acid

an amino acid found in shellfish that can cause food poisoning
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Noun1.domoic acid - a neurotoxin that is deadly for humans; found in various marine algae
neurolysin, neurotoxin - any toxin that affects neural tissues
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Environmental conditions associated with domoic acid in razor clams on the Washington coast.
Researchers from the laboratory were also responsible for isolating and identifying domoic acid, the toxin that suddenly and mysteriously began to contaminate mussels from Prince Edward Island waters late in 1987.
Clatsop Beach is again closed to razor clamming due to a rise in domoic acid levels.
Adverse health outcomes in humans range from acute neurotoxic disorders such as paralytic shellfish poisoning, neurotoxic shellfish poisoning, and ciguatera fish poisoning to more chronic diseases such as chronic liver disease caused by microcystins and amnesic shellfish poisoning from domoic acid exposure.
The sea life may be contaminated with a naturally occurring toxin called domoic acid that can cause illness or even death, department officials said.
Domoic acid is produced by a microscopic marine organism, which can be concentrated in molluscan shellfish.
The most recent, of course, is the Amnesic Shellfish Poison (ASP) domoic acid, a neuroexcitatory amino acid not previously associated with shellfish toxicity.
State officials on Thursday lifted the clamming ban on the last remaining section of closed beach, from Otter Point near Gold Beach north to the Umpqua River jetty near Reedsport, after testing by the Oregon Department of Agriculture found domoic acid levels to be within the safe range.
Don Anderson, a senior scientist at Woods Hole, says harvesting closures typically occur only after toxins reach certain threshold concentrations, such as 80 micrograms of saxitoxin per 100 grams of meat, or 20 micrograms of domoic acid per gram of meat.
Earlier this month razor clamming areas north from Florence to Newport opened, and in March the beaches from Newport to Seaside opened after a yearlong closure due to unsafe domoic acid levels.
Marine and freshwater toxins such as ciguatoxins, saxitoxins, domoic acid, and brevetoxins are becoming more widespread around the world.