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 (dō′nə-tĭv, dŏn′ə-)
A special donation; a gift.
Characterized by, constituting, or subject to donation.

[Latin dōnātīvum, from neuter of dōnātīvus, of a donation, from dōnātus, past participle of dōnāre, to give; see donation.]


1. a gift or donation
2. a benefice capable of being conferred as a gift
3. of or like a donation
4. being or relating to a benefice
[C15: from Latin dōnātīvum donation made to soldiers by a Roman emperor, from dōnāre to present]


(ˈdɒn ə tɪv, ˈdoʊ nə-)

a gift or donation.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin dōnātīvum]
References in classic literature ?
For their men of war; it is a dangerous state, where they live and remain in a body, and are used to donatives; whereof we see examples in the janizaries, and pretorian bands of Rome; but trainings of men, and arming them in several places, and under several commanders, and without donatives, are things of defence, and no danger.
The poem supplied in both versions is as follows: Treadwell (Buyid Coinage, xii) notes that the Buyids minted epigraphic donatives in Jurjan and Multammadiyya and thus far only coins from the reign of Fakhr al-Dawla are extant.
Other rewards like donatives, promotion in rank and booties in battle attributed to the encouragement of the troops.