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 (dō′nə-tĭv, dŏn′ə-)
A special donation; a gift.
Characterized by, constituting, or subject to donation.

[Latin dōnātīvum, from neuter of dōnātīvus, of a donation, from dōnātus, past participle of dōnāre, to give; see donation.]


1. a gift or donation
2. a benefice capable of being conferred as a gift
3. of or like a donation
4. being or relating to a benefice
[C15: from Latin dōnātīvum donation made to soldiers by a Roman emperor, from dōnāre to present]


(ˈdɒn ə tɪv, ˈdoʊ nə-)

a gift or donation.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin dōnātīvum]
References in classic literature ?
Galba undid himself by that speech, legi a se militem, non emi; for it put the soldiers out of hope of the donative.
They then repeated their cry of Largesse, to which Cedric, in the height of his joy, replied by an ample donative, and to which Athelstane, though less promptly, added one equally large.
Partly because of this type of manipulation, such election-year donatives, and even the concept of 'free education' are not nearly as popular as may be guessed from the universal complaints about the costs of fees and poor standards of education delivered.