donkey's tail

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don·key's tail

 (dŏng′kēz, dông′-)
A Mexican plant (Sedum morganianum) grown chiefly as a houseplant for its hanging, taillike stems covered with succulent, overlapping leaves. Also called burro's tail.
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He even essayed to put the paper donkey's tail to the coat-tails of Sir Leopold Fischer.
You could have done it by sleight of hand in a hundred other ways besides that pretence of putting a paper donkey's tail to Fischer's coat.
She said: "It is beyond my imagination to try to think why anyone would think to chop off a donkey's tail like this.
If you put the question to a classroom of school kids as to who pinned the donkey's tail on teacher's coat would you expect one shrill little voice to say: 'It was me, sir, I done it?
by fiesta games like palo sebo, buko sebo, pinata, pabitin, "pin the donkey's tail," scrabble, checkers (dama), sungka, sipa, tug-of-war and arm-wrestling, in which UP alumni and family members can take part and win prizes.
The artists' associations formed from 1904 onwards and examined here, including the Blue Rose, the Jack (or Knave) of Diamonds and the Donkey's Tail, were sometimes fiercely Russian--and at others they were content to absorb and reflect the influence of French and German artists.