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 (dŏng′kē-wûrk′, dông′-)
n. Slang
Monotonous or tedious work; drudgery.
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Noun1.donkeywork - hard monotonous routine workdonkeywork - hard monotonous routine work  
toil, labor, labour - productive work (especially physical work done for wages); "his labor did not require a great deal of skill"
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Having Somewhat do the donkeywork helped him relax and I knew nothing would catch him.
Light Up My Life steps up in distance and though we have been doing the donkeywork from the front in recent races, we might adopt more patient tactics over this longer trip," the trainer told www.
Memphis Tennesseeprovedthateffort was no fluke when again making the frame inthe Irish Derby, improving a place when third to Epsom runner-up TreasureBeach,againhavingdonethe donkeywork.
Both were classy finishes, the first a delicate lob over Swanlinbar goalkeeper Gavin Leydon, the second a coolly slotted effort after Caherciveen full-forward Paul O'Donoghue did the donkeywork to set him up.
They wanted to do it cheaply and got thugs like Ismail Khan and Rashid Dostum to do the donkeywork so the neo-cons could divert the resources to attacking a sovereign Iraq.
Unfortunately, there are no Godmothers in real life, and we have to do all the donkeywork in order to reach that Cinderella, pre-midnight, state.
Although Hutchinson was clearly compromised by a web of private business interests (80) he was left to do the donkeywork until the beginning of 1824 when someone appointed in London arrived to take his place.
Donovan has done a lot of the donkeywork but modestly said: "I'm just the guy who made contact with the manufacturers and drove over to Oldham to get it.
Flash does much of the donkeywork, moving the images to create the desired animation without the need for drawing frame by frame.