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 (dō′nŭt′, -nət)
Variant of doughnut.


1. (Cookery) a variant spelling (esp US) of doughnut
2. (Nuclear Physics) a variant spelling (esp US) of doughnut


or do•nut

(ˈdoʊ nət, -ˌnʌt)

1. a small, usu. ring-shaped cake of sweetened dough fried in deep fat.
2. any thick, ring-shaped object; toroid.
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Noun1.donut - a small ring-shaped friedcakedonut - a small ring-shaped friedcake  
friedcake - small cake in the form of a ring or twist or ball or strip fried in deep fat
raised doughnut - a doughnut made light with yeast rather than baking powder
References in classic literature ?
I et mince pie and rost turkey and frut cake and donuts and cheese and jam and choklut cake.
GLUTEN-FREE VANILLA DONUTS Makes 12 ring donuts or 24 minis
The Salvation Army started National Donut Day during the Great Depression as a way to raise funds and bring awareness to The Salvation Army's social service programs.
The Manila Social Club Golden Cristal Donut is made with ube, a naturally purple sweet yam found in the Philippines and Cristal champagne, making it a unique and decadent donut.
Wacky donut shops like Hypnotic in Dallas, TX and Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR, which is probably best known for its breakfast cereal-crusted offerings and maple bacon glazed donut, have expanded locations across the country with customer lines reaching anywhere from a half an hour to an hour wait.
The store will feature Signature Donuts that are bestsellers in Mister Donut Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and other international markets.
In Rishon Lezion, the nine year old was taken to the hospital after eating a donut, despite her allergy to gluten products.
Having started off as a single outlet operation in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950, Dunkin' Donuts dishes up a wide range of fresh baked goods and beverages across 11,000 outlets in 55 countries.
The technical experts at Beneo have conducted technical trials to improve the shelf-life and quality of glazed and iced, freshly and frozen packed donuts.
Tarak Bhattacharya - COO, Mad Over Donuts stated, "Mad Over Donuts is India's 1st gourmet donut brand known for its vibrant and youthful customer connect.
Dunkin' Donuts rang NASDAQ's opening bell Friday morning.