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n. Informal
Something, especially a small device or part, whose name is unknown or forgotten.



n. Informal.
1. a trinket or bauble.
2. a gadget; device.
[1870–75, Amer.; gradational compound perhaps based on dial. dad piece, flake]
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Noun1.doodad - something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not knowndoodad - something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known; "she eased the ball-shaped doodad back into its socket"; "there may be some great new gizmo around the corner that you will want to use"
stuff - miscellaneous unspecified objects; "the trunk was full of stuff"


Informal. A small specialized mechanical device:
Informal: doohickey, widget.
Slang: gizmo.
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The kids went there to inspect antique tools, watch projects take shape, and assemble doodads from scrap wood and old nails.
One reason Wafford sells his wares at the Picc-A-Dilly is because once in a while he'll find a good pan there among the many doodads and knickknacks.
Other smart and internet-of-things (IoT) devices may also need to be patched: Smart TVs, smart fridges, WiFi-connected thermostats, and any similar household or office doodads.
Rogue hair clips, your lip balm collection and a host of assorted doodads find a home--finally
networking doodads of one kind or another is this: Senior-level
There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site.
Emotionally this feels a bit like having a time bomb in my body, but on a practical level, it mostly just means I have to get a colonoscopy once a year and get the pre-cancerous doodads scooped out before they turn ugly.
Aside from carpets and accessories, the fair was also filled with gadgets and doodads.
Golden cocoons are tiny doodads shipped in oversize cartons, sometimes with enough paper, bubble wrap or airbags to cradle a priceless vase.
The post inspired a debate among thousands of Reddit users, perhaps best summarized by user doodads.
In addition to gadgets, gimmicks, gizmos, dinguses, doodads and doojiggers, we seem to have several dozen whatchamacallits as well.
As Doodads founder and business development director at Startup Princess, she reads two or three nonfiction books per month and uses books on tape to turn her car into a classroom.