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One who predicts calamity at every opportunity.


(ˈduːmseɪə) or


someone who always predicts the worst outcome


(ˈdumˌseɪ ər)

a person who predicts impending misfortune or disaster.
doom′say`ing, adj., n.
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A prophet of misfortune or disaster:
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Not entirely the doomsayer, Elton Sherwin gives readers hope with plenty of thoughts to wean America off its fuel dependence in the future.
As early as 2005, Roubini said US home prices were riding a speculative wave that would soon sink the economy, but was dismissed as a doomsayer.
But FAIR's Stein, an enthusiastic proponent of 18th century doomsayer Thomas Malthus, doesn't do himself any favors by being fairly loose-lipped.
But Charles Little is neither a sensationalist writer nor a doomsayer environmentalist.
Darkest Hour are a band steadily improving with age and as the aptly-titled opener Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End) kicked things off, they spent the next hour bringing a little light to those who had ventured out on a wet and windy night.
Didn't professional doomsayer Paul Ehrlich make a bet with economist Julian Simon in 1980 that the prices of five different metals would rise over the next decade?
But if I'm a doomsayer, I'm a mighty cheerful one, because I see opportunities in challenges.
He has since taken orthodox doomsayer positions on nearly every ecological issue, becoming something of a darling of the establishment left foundation set, in part because of his Oxford affiliation and his fashionable British accent.
Although doomsayer Paul Ehrlich once railed against ``garish commercial Christmas displays,'' energy conservationists have not engaged a public debate of the issue.
Borlaug, who unfortunately is far less well-known than doomsayer Ehrlich, is responsible for much of the progress humanity has made against hunger.
And this time, rather than just being the smart-aleck doomsayer of the piece, Goldblum's chaos theorist Ian Malcolm is the top-billed, bona fide hero.
The doomsayers claiming jobs will be lost are the same scaremongers who falsely claimed the minimum wage would price workers out of jobs.