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someone who prophesies doom


(ˈdumˌseɪ ər)

a person who predicts impending misfortune or disaster.
doom′say`ing, adj., n.
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but when a doomsdayer predicts the rapture, things get crazy.
The language used in the above account and the use of Paul Ehrlich as an exemplar reinforces the doomsdayer label given to environmentalists.
QUESTION: could BBC business doomsdayer Robert Peston and Psycho actor Anthony Perkins be one and the same?
Doomsdayers believe that the eclipse today will mark the start of a rapture, which will end with the destruction of the world on a second solar eclipse in 2024.
Doomsdayers will prophecise a difficult follow-up season for Pellegrini, who was hired predominantly for his Champions League record, after leading lowly Villarreal to the semi-finals in 2008 and even lowlier Malaga to the quarter-finals in 2013.
We, as journalists, are our own worst enemies and it is the in-house doomsdayers who are the worst censors and the biggest nuisance.
Where climaologists foresee rising temperatures and sea levels, and doomsdayers fret over nuclear apocalypse, Kurzweil forecasts artificial intelligence (by 2029), machine dominance, economics overhaul and longevity bordering on immortality.
What's more, this specific doomsdayers group bragged only their cult will survive the impending Armageddon, while others will perish in hellfire.
London, December 23 ( ANI ): Even though people around the globe waiting anxiously for the world to end on December 21 have survived unscathed, the actual Apocalypse is nigh on four years away, Doomsdayers have claimed.
It's very much a case of carpe diem for me, I just try to get on with it and not pay too much attention to all these doomsdayers," she said.
When global warming doomsdayers predicted not long ago that Cardiff was on its way to becoming a semi-tropical lagoon, our then leader Rodders welcomed the prospect of tourist-tempting temperatures.
congressional lawmakers--that they will reject the many doomsdayers and