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Noun1.doorknocker - a device (usually metal and ornamental) attached by a hinge to a door
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"
front door, front entrance - exterior door (at the entrance) at the front of a building
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He told me that as now there were five bell-pushes on my door everybody assumed that there must be five students living in the house, so it would be best to use the doorknocker, so as not to ring the wrong bell
We also lost Harry Sprague, who won the 1956 Champion Hurdle on Doorknocker, Frank 'Bonky' Nash, who landed two Champion Chases on Drinny's Double, Clive Bailey (Official), John Shortt (Space Trucker), champion apprentice Brian Lee and Brian Procter, long-time work-rider for Dick Hern.
The only thing I have left is the brass doorknocker with the curly "S" on it, for Smith, which a kind neighbor salvaged and put in a homemade box frame for me to keep.
Some extraordinary pieces: pave diamond doorknocker earrings; a diamond pave multi dome ring; an 11 carat diamond bangle bracelet in white gold.
He never sleeps nor rests, but, always attached to the doorknocker of our heart, He does not cease to strike it at every hour, saying, as it is written in the Canticle (5:2), "Open to me, my sister, my love.
EeEeEe Add some visual interest to your front door with a unique doorknocker or seasonal wreath, or replace the front door hardware.
And there are all the requisite horse brasses you'd expect in a country pub, as well as some quirkier touches - a brass birdcage with a stuffed bird, and a Robbie Burns doorknocker.
It may be that the spatial boundary is the boundary of half of a bronze statue of Venus pulling on a slipper, or of a bronze foot, or of a bronze doorknocker.
Stella Price (ex-EastEnder Michelle's latest soap guise) is brassier than a polished doorknocker and sharper than one of Gordon Ramsay's knives.
If you've tried all of the above, stick up a note directing visitors to use the doorknocker.
The phrase signature dish is illustrated by the words "sign here" on dishes, while one of the country's favourite old jokes is celebrated by the phrase "who's there" on a doorknocker.
It has been said that to oust Brown from office would mean prizing his fingers from the doorknocker of No.