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A. rails
B. stiles
C. muntins


a. A movable structure used to close off an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or rotates.
b. A similar part on a piece of furniture or a vehicle.
2. A doorway.
3. The room or building to which a door belongs: They live three doors down the hall.
4. A means of approach or access: looking for the door to success.
tr.v. doored, door·ing, doors
1. Slang To strike (a passing bicyclist, for example) by suddenly opening a vehicular door.
2. To serve as a doorman or doorwoman of (a nightclub, for example).
at (someone's) door
As a charge holding someone responsible: You shouldn't lay the blame for the fiasco at her door.
close/shut the door on
To refuse to allow for the possibility of: The secretary of state closed the door on future negotiations.
leave the door open
To allow for the possibility of: Let's leave the door open for future stylistic changes.
show (someone) the door Informal
1. To eject (someone) from the premises.
2. To terminate the employment of; fire.

[Middle English dor, from Old English duru, dor; see dhwer- in Indo-European roots.]

door′less adj.


without a door
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The two Northern sides RO, OF, constitute the roof, and for the most part have no doors; on the East is a small door for the Women; on the West a much larger one for the Men; the South side or floor is usually doorless.
Men, women, children, wan in their looks and ragged in attire, tended the engines, fed their tributary fire, begged upon the road, or scowled half-naked from the doorless houses.
But at the doorless entrance to the lazarette aft, he threw caution to the winds and darted in in pursuit of the new scent that came to his nostrils.
Their appearance was not calculated to attract the importunate regards of such of London's destitute population, as chanced to take their way over the bridge that night in search of some cold arch or doorless hovel wherein to lay their heads; they stood there in silence: neither speaking nor spoken to, by any one who passed.
Unlike the first building into which she had been conducted, the entrance to which had been doorless, massive doors closed the entrance which she now approached.
The doorless, windowless, roofless concept can drive on the road and converts into a single-seater jet ski to travel over water.
They have roofless, doorless houses and for comfort they have poverty, deprivation, starvation and early death.
Modifications include a stern power lift mechanism for easy, safe dockside boarding, a ramp for side boarding and a doorless companionway to the cabin and sleeping quarters below.
Similarly, although Laing's study of Hopper's Nighthawks at the Diner is first class (the doorless diner itself is a 'livid yellow prison' encased in a 'greenish glass bubble, the colour of an iceberg'), the rest of the section devoted to the artist seems oddly directionless.
The doorless i8 Spyder concept was revealed in 2012 and re-appeared at the CES in Vegas - but a more powerful i8 will come first.
In my classes, I'm trying to help people find the exit in what they thought was a doorless room.
Christmas is also a time for thinking of others so I ask you, this Christmas, spare a thought for the doorless ones this year .