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or doo·zie  (do͞o′zē)
n. pl. doo·zies Slang
Something extraordinary, impressive, or unique: a doozy of a hailstorm.

[Probably alteration of daisy, splendid person or thing (perhaps influenced by the name of Eleonora Duse (1858-1924), Italian actress).]


n, pl -zies
slang something excellent: the plot's a doozy.


(ˈdu zi)

also doo•zer


n. Informal.
something remarkable of its kind.
[1925–30, Amer.; earlier also dozy, of uncertain orig.]
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The menu boasts only two flavors, but they are doozies.
It's a real testament to our overall business model and it proves that at the end of the day, our Doozies love giving back to their community
Great American Cookies will also highlight all Double Doozie varieties in store by offering a "Buy 3 Double Doozies, Get 1 Free" deal at participating locations.
There have been some doozies like 'get on with your life you wimp' or 'get out of bed you lazy bugger' but the best one this decade is "life is short and fragile so find balance between changing the world and accepting it just as it is".
The ones here are doozies, including a car/helicopter chase that ends up in a tunnel, a fighter plane shooting missiles at a semi, and a fight in an elevator shaft.
My very own Mythbuster, Andrew, who sits in my office pretending to work, has come out with some doozies recently.
I don't believe it is just my proximity to this case that makes it the most compelling of the dozens of surreal doozies cited in Against Judicial Activism.
Looking at the data together uncovers doozies like this one: In 2001, community colleges in five states received an average of 50 percent or more of their budgets from state funding--compared to schools in 22 states in 1981.
But if your company has stories like the doozies that follow, you might be headed there.