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or doo·zie  (do͞o′zē)
n. pl. doo·zies Slang
Something extraordinary, impressive, or unique: a doozy of a hailstorm.

[Probably alteration of daisy, splendid person or thing (perhaps influenced by the name of Eleonora Duse (1858-1924), Italian actress).]


n, pl -zies
slang something excellent: the plot's a doozy.


(ˈdu zi)

also doo•zer


n. Informal.
something remarkable of its kind.
[1925–30, Amer.; earlier also dozy, of uncertain orig.]
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Perfect endings are hard to come by in movies, but the melancholy true-crime story ``Hollywoodland'' has a doozy.
And it only has one gas-passing joke, though this one's a doozy (hint: David Hasselhoff is involved).
Like it or not, winter is here, and the experts predict it is going to be a doozy.
The complication blocking their love is a doozy and, if it's not always exactly credible, it is effective in hurtling the action forward to a satisfying conclusion.
Finally, and this is a doozy, the Sunday editions of the Daily Mirror, a London newspaper, reported that former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis will come out of retirement to fight a rematch with World Boxing Council champion Vitali Klitschko in the fall.
Next time the district comes asking for money, it's going to have a doozy of a time convincing anyone it can be trusted.
A certain portion of ``Exits and Entrances' '' 90-minute, no-intermission running time is devoted to monologues and performances from some of Huguenet's celebrated roles: Oedipus, Hamlet and a doozy of a turn from a play called ``The Prisoner.
And Becker's story, co-writen with Bernd Lichtenberg, is a doozy.
They brawled nine days ago against Philadelphia, a doozy by baseball standards.
Ortiz had given up at least four earned runs in four of his past six starts, including a seven-run doozy in his last outing at Edison Field.
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