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Of, relating to, or activated by dopamine or related substances.


(ˌdəʊpəmiːnˈɜːdʒɪk; ˌdɒpəmiːnˈɜːdʒɪk; ˌdəʊpəmɪnˈɜːdʒɪk)
of, relating to, or containing dopamine


(ˌdoʊ pə mɪˈnɜr dʒɪk)

activated by or sensitive to dopamine.
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Adamas Pharmaceuticals announced that pooled Phase 3 data of Govocri extended release capsules for the treatment of dyskinesia in patients with Parkinson's disease receiving levodopa-based therapy, with or without concomitant dopaminergic medications, were published online in CNS Drugs.
A major step forward in Parkinson's disease research in recent years was the discovery that human stem cells can basically be differentiated into dopaminergic neurons usable for modeling of Parkinson's disease, drug screening, and cell replacement therapy.
Disease-modifying drugs, such as neurotrophic factors, primarily target the rescue of the dopaminergic neurons that degenerate in Parkinson's disease.
This increase in plasma concentration of PRL suggests increased serotonergic activity and/or reduction of the dopaminergic activity in response to increased core temperature in the hot environment (39).
long) Amphetamine Treatment Similar to That Used in the Treatment of Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Damages Dopaminergic Nerve Endings in the Striatum of Adult Nonhuman Primates  uses doses similar to those used for treating ADHD (though I'm not sure if this paper shows neurotoxicity as opposed to mere downregulation).
Several studies have supported this idea: deficiency in dopaminergic systems of the putamen and substantia nigra in a postmortem study (4), reversibility of clinical and electrophysiological findings after dopaminergic treatments (5), and functional imaging studies (6) suggest the involvement of the dopaminergic pathways at the level of the brainstem and basal ganglia.
The study also revealed functionally active dopaminergic neurons.
Yet, elucidation of the actual dopaminergic dysfunction remains enigmatic.
Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of the most prevalent neurodegenerative disorders characterized by progressive loss of dopaminergic neurons in substantia nigra of the midbrain.
Parkinson disease is characterized by progressive dopaminergic neuronal dysfunction and loss, leading to debilitating motor, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms.
6 It has been reported that serotoninergic activity suppresses dopaminergic cell activity and synaptic release.
In this study, we aimed to assess the function of presynaptic dopaminergic neurons in patients with mRT by dopamine transporter positron emission tomography (DAT-PET) and to evaluate the utility of clinical features or electrophysiological studies in differential diagnosis.