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or dop·pel·gang·er  (dŏp′əl-găng′ər, -gĕng′-)
1. A ghostly double of a living person, especially one that haunts its fleshly counterpart.
2. Either of two people who physically resemble each other very much.

[German, a double : doppel, double (from French double; see double) + Gänger, goer (from Gang, a going, from Middle High German ganc, from Old High German).]


(ˈdɒpəlˌɡɛŋə; German ˈdɔpəlˌɡɛŋər)
(European Myth & Legend) legend a ghostly duplicate of a living person
[from German Doppelgänger, literally: double-goer]


(ˈdɒp əlˌgæŋ ər; Ger. ˈdɔ pəlˌgɛŋ ər)

a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.
[1850–55; < German]

Doppelgänger, doubleganger

a supposedly ghostly counterpart or double of a living person.
See also: Ghosts


1. The wraith (e.g. id, astral body, or shadow) of a living being (German for “double-goer.”)
2. A ghostly double of a person who is still alive.
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Noun1.doppelganger - a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpartdoppelganger - a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart
legendary creature - a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual
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Another Me: The Doppelganger in 21st Century Fiction, Television and Film
One is seen about to be attacked by his double using a katana, while the other is seen hitting a tree with his car after his doppelganger suddenly shows up and takes the wheel from him.
The third one was said to be a doppelganger for one of the characters in Japan's famous cartoon, Yo-kai Watch.
Maria Senior Well he must have had a doppelganger, because I was chatting to him before and after he went to do the show .
Uday makes Latif an offer he cannot refuse: pose as his doppelganger at public appearances or sign the death warrants of his entire family.
When this person was choosing whose pet she'd be, she came across Harry, who is - needless to say - Prince Harry's absolute doppelganger.
Every time a new beauty queen is enthroned, many try to mimic her, but KC Concepcion's half-sister Cloie Syquia-Skarne need not try hard because, in the first place, netizens have found her to be Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere's doppelganger.
Lucie's almost-too-perfect boyfriend and his bad-boy doppelganger lack the substance and depth of character that give meaning to the ultimate sacrifice.
Sport Relief BBC1/BBC2, 7pm, Friday Brace yourselves for Idris Elba and his only-slightly-older doppelganger Lenny Henry doing a spoof episode of detective drama Luther.
ALBUM: George Fest ARTIST: Various performers Back in 2014, George Harrison's doppelganger son ( Dhani) had organised a tribute concert to his famous father with a little help from his friends.
HE MET his doppelganger on a plane - and bumped into a whole crowd of them when he popped into his local back home.
Now he referred to Hollywood as "Holle-Wut," a place where "die Menschen die Doppelganger ihrer eigenen Schatten sind" (cited 378).