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2. Dorado A constellation of the Southern Hemisphere near Reticulum and Pictor, containing a great portion of the large Magellanic Cloud.

[Spanish, dolphin (fish), from Late Latin deaurātus, past participle of deaurāre, to gild; see dory2.]


1. (Animals) another name for dolphin3
2. (Animals) a South American river fish of the genus Salminus that resembles a salmon


n, Latin genitive Doradus (dəˈrɑːdəs)
(Celestial Objects) a constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Reticulum and Pictor and containing part of the Large Magellanic cloud
[C17: from Spanish, from dorar to gild, from Latin de- + -aurāre, from aurum gold]
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Noun1.Dorado - a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Reticulum and Pictor; contains most of the Large Magellanic Cloud
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I have another book, too, which I shall call 'Metamorphoses, or the Spanish Ovid,' one of rare and original invention, for imitating Ovid in burlesque style, I show in it who the Giralda of Seville and the Angel of the Magdalena were, what the sewer of Vecinguerra at Cordova was, what the bulls of Guisando, the Sierra Morena, the Leganitos and Lavapies fountains at Madrid, not forgetting those of the Piojo, of the Cano Dorado, and of the Priora; and all with their allegories, metaphors, and changes, so that they are amusing, interesting, and instructive, all at once.
This was the precious scheme to make your fortune, was it; this was the secret certain source of wealth in which I was to have sunk my money (if I had been the fool you took me for); this was your inexhaustible mine of gold, your El Dorado, eh?
Could I but succeed in once breaking down the barrier of religious superstition which had kept the red races from this El Dorado it would be a fitting memorial to the immortal virtues of my Princess--I should have again served Barsoom and Dejah Thoris' martyrdom would not have been in vain.
And yet he was serious; he was fascinated by Newman's plain prose version of the legend of El Dorado.
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announced its 20-year program to provide college scholarships to every graduating senior in the El Dorado School District, the school system has seen two straight years of rising enrollment, following years of steady declines.
Oshin Grigorian, 35, and Hilda Stephanie Voskanian, 31, of Burbank were arrested late Thursday in the death of Hollywood resident Pedro Dorado.
To solve the problem, it plans to sell a concession to operate the country's largest airport, Bogota's El Dorado International Airport.
Taken at face value, northern California's El Dorado County has a lot going for it--the dramatic Sierra Nevada foothills scenery, lots of room for spacious new homes, and its short distance from Sacramento.
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