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1. Anatomy Of, toward, on, in, or near the back or upper surface of an organ, part, or organism.
2. Botany Of or on the surface of an organ or part facing away from the axis; abaxial.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin dorsālis, from Latin dorsuālis, from dorsum, back.]

dor′sal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.dorsally - in a dorsal location or direction
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Patellal apophysis broad, dorsally concave; RTA more than half the tibial length, with distinctly extending distal end; lateral tibial apophysis absent; cymbial furrow less than 1/3 of cymbial length; conductor short, basal lamella indistinct, dorsal apophysis about the same size as conductor; median apophysis small, spoon-shaped, without free standing anterior edge, arising posteriorly; embolus short, filiform, prolateral in origin, thread originating near middle of tegular sclerite (Figs.
They are light brown, dark brown, or gray dorsally, with small spots.
bourdonis in that the frontal lamina of its head is not demarcated, its body is more rounded, it has dorsally visible coxal plates on more pereomeres, its pleopodal endopodites are larger than its exopodites, and its uropods touch each other medially.
Dorsally, the style branches are papillose in most genera (Fig.
A multilevel spinal arteriogram of the patient in our case showed a single enlarged feeding artery arising from the right L1 segmental artery, leading to a dorsally located AVF at the T11 level, with early arterialized veins egressing both superiorly and inferiorly (Figure 3).
Early-flexion larvae have a few faint melanophores located dorsally on the head and nape and a single melanophore on the isthmus (Fig.
Lateral ethmoid with cartilaginous condyle for articulation with lacrimal, supported dorsally and ventrally by osseous laminae.
Each individual was placed in a wooden coffin and positioned dorsally extended or on the right side in a lateral position, with the head to the west and facing southward, and with the legs slightly bended.
Spreader graft placement is indicated to: (1) correct internal valve collapse; (2) bridge and strengthen a long, narrow middle vault in patients with short nasal bones; (3) correct a lack of dorsal support of the lateral nasal walls; (4) widen the middle one-third of the nose; (5) straighten or stabilize a high dorsally deviated septum; and (6) create straight dorsal aesthetic lines (figure 1).