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 (dôr′sĭ-vĕn′trəl) or dor·so·ven·tral (-sō-)
1. Botany Flattened and having distinct upper and lower surfaces, as most leaves do.
2. Biology Extending from a dorsal to a ventral surface: dorsiventral muscles.

dor′si·ven′tral·ly adv.


1. (Botany) (of leaves and similar flat parts) having distinct upper and lower faces
2. (Zoology) a variant spelling of dorsoventral
dorsiventrality n
ˌdorsiˈventrally adv


(ˌdɔr səˈvɛn trəl)

1. Bot. having distinct dorsal and ventral sides, as most foliage leaves.
2. Zool. dorsoventral.
dor`si•ven•tral′i•ty, n.
dor`si•ven′tral•ly, adv.
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Lye, which can have both trimerous and dorsiventrally flattened dimerous pistils within a single spikelet (Haines & Lye, 1983; Larridon et al.
Column forming an obtuse angle with the ovary, straight, dorsiventrally compressed, oblongcuneate, white suffused with dark brown, ventrally shallowly sulcate and densely papillose, 6-8 mm long, 2.
6 mm long, style persistent; seeds ellipsoid to suborbicular, dorsiventrally flattened, 1.
2002; Stauffer & Endress, 2003); some other Geonomeae have a dorsiventrally flattened gynoecium and the (sterile) androecium in female flowers is monosymmetric (Stauffer & Endress, 2003).
adaxial specific proteins via miRNA regulation, or negative regulation exerted by middle domain proteins dorsiventrally.
The most important variations include: a) flower sexuality: spikelets with male and female flowers may be gynandrous (with the female flower distal), androgynous (with the male flower distal) and mesogynous (with female flowers proximal and distal to the male flowers); b) shape (shortly ovate, elliptical, lanceolate, linear, ovate, etc); c) compression (laterally or dorsiventrally compressed or more or less terete); d) rachilla internodes more or less straight, zigzag or flexuose; e) rachilla prolongation exceeding (e.
Within Cypereae and Cyperaceae, species with distigmatic styles and dorsiventrally compressed nutlets are observed.