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intr.v. dot·ed, dot·ing, dotes
To show excessive fondness or love: doted on their only child.

[Middle English doten.]

dot′er n.
References in classic literature ?
Milk and honey" would have been an appropriate inscription for the delicious little library which parents who, I surmised, doted on Nicolete in vain, had allowed her to build in a wild woodland corner of her ancestral park, half a mile away from the great house, where, for all its corridors and galleries, she could never feel, at all events, spiritually alone.
He just totally doted on her and she doted on him, it was so sad.
Neighbour Betty McLeod added: "Demi was a quiet girl who doted on her children - she was always with them.
The 31-year-old striker also doted on his daughter as he picked her up out of the water and cuddled her.