double Dutch

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double dutch

also double Dutch
A game of jump rope in which players jump over two ropes swung in a crisscross formation by two turners.

double Dutch

informal Brit incomprehensible talk; gibberish

dou′ble Dutch′

or Dou′ble Dutch′,

a game of jump rope in which two persons swing two long jump ropes in a synchronized fashion, usu. directed inward so the ropes are going in opposite directions, for one or two others to jump over.
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Noun1.double Dutch - an incomprehensible talk
gibber, gibberish - unintelligible talking
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
Britain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
2.double Dutch - the difficult version of jump rope in which players jump over two ropes that are swung in a crisscross manner by two turners
jump rope - a child's game or a cardiopulmonary exercise in which the player jumps over a swinging rope
c’est de l’hébreuc’est du chinoisc’est du russecharabia
anlaşılmazdeli saçmasısaçmalık
References in classic literature ?
As for what is the matter with him, my good fellow, it is no use my giving you an answer which would be double Dutch to you; moreover, I have still to test your discretionary powers.
has seen an influx of quality tenants and notable new restaurants open such as Marcus Samuelson's Street Bird, Bunz, Angel of Harlem, Custom Fuel Pizza & Double Dutch Espresso.
It's double Dutch on Super Sunday as Louis Van Gaal's Man United face Ronald Koeman's Southampton.
LOUIS VAN GAAL spoke double Dutch yesterday after seeing Wayne Rooney's strike ruled out for offside.
Schumer, Fallon, and James McAvoy continued with the Tonight's Show episode when they played the Double Dutch with some of the Roots' band members.
AFTER going double Dutch, Fulham are still in double trouble following the midweek defeat by Spurs and many will be backing Aston Villa for another away win at Craven Cottage.
JOOST LUITEN made it a day of double Dutch delight by claiming victory in his home KLM Open.
Although their double Dutch raid has ended in frustration, there is much more optimism about brokering a deal for France inter-Turn to Page 60
New York, June 19 ( ANI ): Michelle Obama gave her fellow Americans the thrill of their lives with an impressive round of Double Dutch on live TV on Monday morning.
Also set to put on a show are comic performers Hoy, Pedro Tochas and Wacky Chad, roaming caricaturist Daniel Byrne, Pop the balloon man and David the balloon artist, and stilt-walkers Steve, Tom and others from The Joker Entertainment, as well as the Double Dutch Skippers.
0151 666 0000 EXHIBITIONS Ren Magritte: The Pleasure Principle (Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock), above, runs until October 16; Jen Liu and John Baldessari (Ceri Hand Gallery, Cotton Street) runs until October 22; Democratic Parade (The Bluecoat, School Lane) runs until November 27; eKapa (Bluecoat Display Centre, College Lane) runs until October 22; Costume Drama: Fashion from 1790 to 1850 (Sudley House, Mossley Hill) runs until May 7, 2012; Robert Therrien: Smoke Signals, Tate Liverpool, until October 23; The Finishing Touch: Women's Accessories, 1830-1940, Lady Lever, until December 11;John Sutherst (Liverpool Academy of Arts, Seel Street),ends tomorrow; Double Dutch (Liverpool Academy of Arts, Seel Street),ends tomorrow.
Alongside George Boateng Zenden formed a dynamic Double Dutch engine room that was the key to the successful season.