double bond

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double bond
double bond between oxygen atoms

double bond

A covalent bond in which two electron pairs are shared between two atoms.

double bond

(Chemistry) a type of chemical bond consisting of two covalent bonds linking two atoms in a molecule

dou′ble bond′

a chemical linkage consisting of two covalent bonds between two atoms of a molecule, represented in chemical formulas by two lines, two dots, or four dots, as CH2=CH2; CH2:CH2; CH2::CH2.

dou·ble bond

A type of covalent bond in which two electron pairs are shared between two atoms. Each atom contributes two electrons to the bond. See more at covalent bond.
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Noun1.double bond - a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms
covalent bond - a chemical bond that involves sharing a pair of electrons between atoms in a molecule
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In this case, the peroxide radicals were predominately consumed by the silane, which resulted in low terminal double bond formation.
Trans-fats are hydrogenated fatty acid that lost their double bond to become solidified and more stable to oxidation.
A rubber composition comprising: (A) a conjugated diene rubber which is obtained by polymerizing a conjugated diene compound or polymerizing a conjugated diene compound and an aromatic vinyl compound and has a group having an active hydrogen and a group capable of chemically binding to a silica, (B) a silica, (C) a silane coupling agent (1) capable of reacting with a carbon-carbon double bond of the conjugated diene in the conjugated diene rubber, and (D) a silane coupling agent (II) capable of reacting with the group having an active hydrogen; a method for producing a rubber composition, which comprises mixing the above-mentioned composition; and a tire which is obtained by crosslinking and molding the rubber composition obtained by the method for production.
Trees intended for planting should be planted with root balls or containers with irrigation system, aeration, have a height of 3, 4 m measured from the root collar, after planting should secure them with three impregnated, rolled stakes (for Wed 8cm) with double crossbars horizontal well double bond.
Double Bond Chemical (DBC), a manufacturer of photoinitiators and oligomers recently launched DM527 and DM528 resins.
The GMO double bond is located at the center of the molecules' lipophilic tail.
SeeNews) - Sep 18, 2013 - Belgian brewer AB InBev (EBR:ABI) announced Tuesday a double bond issue, one in euro and one in British pounds, that is planned for September 24.
Hydroboration of the diene forming the pheromones are found to yield the required Z-11-hexadecenol alcohol, but the hydroboration should be regioselective towards the terminal double bond.
Two materials in particular, Therban AT 5005 VP and 5008 VP, have also been tailored to have very low residual double bond content (<0.
Unlike SFAs, unsaturated fatty acids contain one double bond (monounsaturated fatty acid [MUFAs]) or more double bonds (polyunsaturated fatty acid [PUFAs]) at specific positions in the carbon chain.
Each double bond induces a 37[degrees] angle in the carbon chain, thus resulting in a fatty acid that is not easily compressible.
In some of the resonance structures the carbon-oxygen bond is a single bond, and in others it is a double bond.