double cross

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(dŭb′əl-krôs′, -krŏs′)
tr.v. dou·ble-crossed, dou·ble-cross·ing, dou·ble-cross·es
To betray by acting in contradiction to a prior agreement. See Synonyms at deceive.
1. often double cross An act of betraying an ally, friend, or associate.
2. double cross Genetics A cross in which each parent is the product of a single cross. It can be represented as AB × CD, where A, B, C, and D are inbred lines.

dou′ble-cross′er n.

double cross

(Genetics) a technique for producing hybrid stock, esp seed for cereal crops, by crossing the hybrids between two different pairs of inbred lines

dou′ble cross′

1. a betrayal or swindle of a friend or colleague.
2. the act of winning or attempting to win a contest that one has agreed to lose.
3. a genetic cross in which both parents are first-generation hybrids from single crosses.


to betray or swindle, esp. by an action contrary to an agreed upon course.
dou′ble-cross′er, n.
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Noun1.double cross - an act of betrayal; "he gave us the old double cross"; "I could no longer tolerate his impudent double-crossing"
betrayal, perfidy, treachery, treason - an act of deliberate betrayal
Verb1.double cross - betray by double-dealing
betray, sell - deliver to an enemy by treachery; "Judas sold Jesus"; "The spy betrayed his country"

double cross

An act of betraying:
Slang: sellout.
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Macintyre's title refers to the Double Cross system, the British counter-espionage and deception operation to "turn" captured German agents, who as double agents were used to feed disinformation to the German high command.
Although many attempts were made by the allies to fool the Germans about the invasion, this work focuses on one attempt--the providing of false information from these five double cross spies about the place of the invasion.
In Double Cross, Macintryre tells a tale that will be broadly familiar to those with an interest in military or intelligence history.
I gladly share this recognition with all of our employees, partners, distributors and investors who have contributed generously to the success of Double Cross Vodka.
Thus, diverse America is crucified on the double cross.
He laughs when a rueful Stalin bemoans Hitler's double cross, saying, "Ech, together with the Germans we would have been invincible.
Thomas Kilroy wrote Double Cross in 1986 for the Field Day Theatre Company, his first play since Talbot's Box in 1977.
The Lockerbie saga has been surrounded by a succession of interlocking theories which have reached their finest flowering in a documentary film, The Maltese Double Cross, directed by an American living in London, Allan Francovich.
When the 80-by-18 foot mural was unveiled, the images included an Indian crucified on a double cross with an American eagle above him, set in front of a Maya-like pyramid.
Deceiving Hitler: Double Cross and Deception in World War II, by Kent author Terry Crowdy, looks at how Owens helped to fool Hitler and the Germans after becoming a double agent for the German Abwehr and Britain's Security Service MI5 in the 1930s.
Mel is a hood shot and left for dead by his old partner and ex-girlfriend in a heist double cross and he embarks on a bloody mission of revenge, finally facing mob boss Kris Kristofferson.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Defining the luxury spirits category, Old Nassau Imports today announced the launch of Double Cross Luxury Vodka (Double Cross), a flagship spirit that delivers an exceptional taste, purity and drinking experience.