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intr.v. dou·ble-dipped, dou·ble-dip·ping, dou·ble-dips
To draw income or funds from two different sources, as from a job and a pension, often in violation of the law.

double dipper n.
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Recently in this journal, Eisenbeis and Kautman (Atlantic Economic Journal, 2016) referred to the double-dip recession that began in 1980 and ended in the fourth quarter of 1982 While it is rather common to consider the macroeconomic experience of the United States during the early 1980s as a double-dip recession, that is not the characterization offered by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).
However he suggested that worrying about double-dip or tripledip distracted from real concerns about the economy.
Summary: Revised figures show the double-dip recession is not as deep as feared, they showed a smaller contraction in the second quarter of the year.
HOPES that the economy has emerged from the double-dip recession have been boosted by a survey that shows an improvement in the outlook for manufacturers.
The UK is in the longest double-dip recession since quarterly records began in 1955.
THE Bank of England will slash its growth forecasts close to zero today as the double-dip recession deepens.
The fear of a double-dip recession is rated higher in the UK than in any other country, according to the annual Ernst & Young report asking companies to rate the risks they face.
The talk now is of a double-dip recession, which is deeply dippy.
THE Chancellor's spending cuts have put Wales at risk of a double-dip recession, a leading Welsh economist warned last night.
Still, the durable goods report diminished concerns of a double-dip recession and implied a modest pick-up in output.
THE prospect of a double-dip recession may have been held off after consumer confidence in the British economy improved in August for the first time in five months, a research group said today.
Depending on how you define the double-dip recession, plenty of economists see room for that special brand of American optimism that can turn a bad day on the stock market, into a jubilant firesale, depending on how you look at it.