designating a marriage ceremony in which the bride and groom give rings to each other.
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Among the matters for which standards have been established are terminology relating to lime and limestone, specification for air-entraining admixtures for concrete, applying and finishing gypsum board, mortars for repairing historic masonry, a test method for the field measurement of infiltration rate using double-ring infiltometer with sealed inner ring, and conducting an inter-laboratory study to evaluate the performance of an analytical method.
Double-ring sign in the capsular edge following continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis.
Other images revealed a double-ring impact basin approximately 180 miles across.
Scott proposed that Lamont is actually a double-ring impact basin--a smaller version of large multi-ring basins like Imbrium and Orientale.
After the nine-year-old had seen off the challenge of Kings Orchard, trainer Noel Meade said: "Deep Return is probably more at home going the other way [lefthanded], but we ran him in a double-ring bit here last time, and again tonight, and it helped.
A new rotary trimmer reduces the height and material required for traditional double-ring domes on PET bottles.
Schwab had thought about increasing sales by popularizing the double-ring ceremony before Pearl Harbor, but "[h]is chance came during the war when prospective brides and bridegrooms, facing wartime separation--with all its apprehensions--were emotionally susceptible.
The sewer was a 100-year old double-ring brick outfall suffering severe I/I and needed full structural rebuilding and sealing.
A typical sign of cochlear otosclerosis is the formation of a double-ring effect caused by the confluence of spongiotic fossae (figures 1, 2).
GroEL forms a double-ring structure--like two stacked doughnuts with a piece of tissue paper in between.