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also doub·le·hand·ed  (dŭb′əl-hăn′dĭd)
1. Having or using two hands: a double-handed salute.
2. Intended for use with two hands: a double-handed fly rod.
3. Working or done with the assistance of another.
4. Nautical Of, being, or restricted to a two-person sailing crew: a double-handed regatta.
In a double-handed manner.

doub′le-hand′ed·ly adv.
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Willie Mullins is doublehanded with Djakadam and Valseur Lido as he attempts to continue his domination of Irish Grade 1s in the John Durkan Chase at Punchestown tomorrow.
Richard Hannon is doublehanded with promising colts Madrinho and Torment in a race his stable has won four times in the last ten years.
Last year's Cheltenham Gold Cup hero Lord Windermere still heads the weights on 11st10lb and Jim Culloty - who won the Grand National as a jockey with Bindaree in 2002 - is set to be doublehanded with last year's Cheltenham Festival winner Spring Heeled.
With light variable winds, postponements and long delays across the five days of racing, the Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen pupil found the light Mediterranean style conditions challenging as she battled it out against 27 competing nations in the girls doublehanded 420 dinghy.
Alan King is doublehanded with Montbazon, twice beaten in flat maidens over the summer, and Uriah Heep (2.
Ponsonby is set to be doublehanded in the prestigious twoand-a-quarter mile handicap with Nicky Henderson's Lieutenant Miller joined by Lady Ceciltrained Ebor winner Tiger Cliff.
Although Romanian Niculescu posed plenty of problems with her unorthodox game, which sees her hit doublehanded groundstrokes on both sides as well as mixing it up with the occasional sliced forehand and foray to the net, Wozniacki (pictured) always had the answers in what was arguably her most impressive performance of the tournament so far.
Chopra might have been celebrating a hat-trick but for a magnificent doublehanded save by Casper ankergren from his seventh-minute volley.
MALCOLM Jefferson plans to be doublehanded with According To Pete and King Fontaine in the coral.
Around-the-world sailing trip, this doublehanded (with a crew of two) regatta is a challenging one.
Murray finally clinched the opening set 10-8 thanks to a cross-court doublehanded backhand on the world No 108's serve.