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A pair of cards that are the only ones of their suit in a hand dealt to a player.


(Bridge) bridge an original holding of two cards only in a suit


(ˈdʌb əl tən)

(esp. in bridge) a set of only two cards of the same suit in a dealt hand.
[1905–10; modeled on singleton]
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Noun1.doubleton - (bridge) a pair of playing cards that are the only cards in their suit in the hand dealt to a player
bridge - any of various card games based on whist for four players
couplet, distich, duad, duet, duo, dyad, twain, twosome, brace, pair, span, yoke, couple - two items of the same kind


[ˈdʌbltən] Ndubletón m
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After reaching three figures on Friday, he cashed pitch with a flawless doubleton - ching ashed in on a true awless doublewith Chris t) at the heart wicket burst ts were - and with Woakes (right) of a late four-his efforts rewarded.
We also consider partitions [pi] such that there is exactly one doubleton block and all other blocks are singletons.
Google said Chris Gayle, who scored a doubleton in this World Cup, is the most searched West Indian player for both his athletic and artistic talents but apparently "Chris Gayle Dance" is something the South Asian fans just love searching for.
A primary f in DP(X) is called a dual if p(f) contains exactly one non-singleton member which is a doubleton.
The intersection of these two sets is a single circle or a doubleton of circles, respectively.
But this fact remains - even after Cook's doubleton in the 517-1 thrashing - the swathes of empty s e a t s w e r e a n embarrassment to this cricket-mad nation.
Beginning with a five-factor solution, a process of eliminating singleton and doubleton items was conducted.
With more effort we could extend the analysis to include doubleton piles.
The doubleton cutsets are generally less significant, because the cutset frequencies are smaller than the frequencies of each one of the two constituent events.
West certainly has a singleton spade as with a doubleton he would have preferred a diamond lead.
For more on pooling equilibrium, doubleton equilibrium, and disequilibrium in the presence of subsidies, see Selden (1999).
Common Tiddlywink terms include the John Lennon Memorial Shot, the Squidger, the Doubleton and the Gromp.