Two mobile homes, each 24 feet in width, bolted together as a single unit and used as a permanent residence.

dou′ble·wide′ adj.
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Justice Willett grew up in a doublewide trailer, in a small town of just 32 people, surrounded by cotton and cattle.
The property consists of an equal mix of single- and doublewide homes, with all pads able to accommodate a double-wide configuration.
Walking into the doublewide trailer, which served as the clubhouse, I checked in.
Because of its close proximity to downtown Melbourne and Front Street Park that offers a well-maintained doublewide launch ramp, Crane Creek makes for the perfect after-work fishing destination.
8220;We've been on the Doublewide Network for almost two years now, and have enjoyed incredible success in building an audience.
Broke after her husband takes off with the down payment for their new doublewide, Ray reluctantly teams up with Lila, a smuggler, and the two begin making runs across the frozen St Lawrence River carrying illegal Chinese and Pakistani immigrants in the trunk of Ray's Dodge Spirit.
The very first thing we saw when entering with our doublewide 18-wheeler carriage was a display of limes.
Oklahoma City, Rabi'I 29, 1433, Feb 21, 2012, SPA -- A woman was killed in severe thunderstorms that tore through the Oklahoma City area, overturning her doublewide trailer, police said.
School logos: Oh, please, this is like comparing Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel to the cottage-cheese ceiling of a doublewide.
What's new: After extending its Universal platform in 2009 with the doublewide, one-around XL, the pressmaker developed a Universal XL model for two-around printing.
If sunning is on the agenda, with the push of a button the stern sofa back/cockpit L-lounge seatback accordions out flat and forms a large doublewide pad.
A doublewide trailer in the park costs around 325,000 pounds, and on the high side, homes are around 1.