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 (do͞o-sûr′, -sœr′)
Money given as a tip, gratuity, or bribe.

[French, from Late Latin dulcor, sweetness, from Latin dulcis, sweet.]


(duːˈsɜː; French dusœr)
1. (Commerce) a gratuity, tip, or bribe
2. sweetness
[C17: from French, from Late Latin dulcor, from Latin dulcis sweet]



1. a gratuity; tip.
2. a conciliatory gift or bribe.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French: sweetness < Late Latin dulcor < Latin dulcis sweet. See -eur]


[duːˈsɜːʳ] N (frm) (= gift, tip etc) → gratificación f
References in classic literature ?
The impertinence of these kind of scrutinies, moreover, was generally concluded with a compliment, which though meant as its douceur, was considered by Marianne as the greatest impertinence of all; for after undergoing an examination into the value and make of her gown, the colour of her shoes, and the arrangement of her hair, she was almost sure of being told that upon "her word she looked vastly smart, and she dared to say she would make a great many conquests.
Dove, meanwhile, went the silk route with Creme Douche Douceur de Soie, which boosts its cleansing agents with pure silk and protective vitamin E.
Punchy's trainer Martin Pipe was also in double form, as Douceur des Songes, ridden by Jamie Moore, finished well to see off Cliquey by three lengths in the conditional jockeys' selling handicap hurdle.
Conditions are not suitable for babies and Jesus la Douceur is struggling to get nutrients she needs.
Chaleureuse, presque maternelle, Mme Demetrescu a la douceur de ces professeurs que l'on n'oublie jamais, mE[logical not]me aprE s des annE[umlaut]es et de multiples rencontres.
dessert douceur vendome, caneloni with mousse of red fruits and chocolate ice cream and chocolate biscuit
Deux hypotheses etaient lancees a l'epoque: la premiere voyait qu'ils allaient radicaliser la societe pas a pas, secteur par secteur, en douceur.
With face products to pamper it includes Tonique Douceur Softening Hydrating Toner, Genifique Youth Activator, Galateis Douceur gentle softening cleansing fluid face and eyes and a makeup bag.
beaucoup moins que] Nous abordons un atterrissage en douceur [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il fait remarquer, precisant qu'il faudra, des ce week-end, [beaucoup moins que] envisager des compromis et des passerelles pour arriver a un accord comme souhaite par l'ensemble des parties contractantes [beaucoup plus grand que].
Par ailleurs, l'accentuation de la penalisation ne saurait, a notre avis, suffire pour venir a bout de ce fleau, qui devrait faire l'objet d'une approche globale et continue pour en cerner tous les leviers et travailler a leur neutralisation et ce, par la mise en place de dispositifs intelligents a meme de ramener, graduellement et en douceur, sur le [beaucoup moins que] droit chemin [beaucoup plus grand que] le plus grand nombre de nos [beaucoup moins que] egares [beaucoup plus grand que] fiscaux.
I hope it brings you its loving spirit, its elegance, its douceur de vivre.
Dedicating the film to the memory of her own father, German writer-director Sandra Nettelbeck has adapted from a novel called La Douceur Assassine (Sweetness Murders).