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or douche bag  (do͞osh′băg′)
1. A rubber or plastic container that is filled with water and usually fitted with a nozzle for use in douching.
2. Vulgar Slang A foolish or contemptible person.


1. (Medicine) the bag forming part of a douche
2. slang a contemptible person


Slang. a stupid, contemptible, or despicable person.
[1940–45, Amer.]


n (US pej sl) → Trottel m (inf), → Idiot m (inf)
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But the more boundary pushing restaurants (AKA douchebag watering holes) will opt for a skateboard or a large stone to show off their food.
She wrote the script for a short film called Where You Go in 2016 and it was her work as a star and executive producer of the micro-budget romantic comedy How To Tell You're a Douchebag that first brought her to the attention of She's Gotta Have It's producers.
There are great smaller parts for Bembol Roco, Christopher de Leon, Gladys Reyes and Raffy Tejada (his douchebag NBI agent Ben Arcinas truly compels abhorrence).
It's important to be able to blend in; otherwise you turn into a Hollywood douchebag," he added.
Mercifully, according to the polls, Americans are wising up to the douchebag ahead of November 8's contest to elect the leader of the world's largest economy and a nuclear superpower.
I'm so patient and martyr-like that I can be special enough to change this douchebag.
But Samberg's homeboy cheekiness stays on the surface; it isn't rich or--perhaps--daring enough to make Conner into a resonant douchebag.
The incredible amount of damage someone like him does to the party - and he's a douchebag.
Skateboarding's Bozo the Brainless Hairless Clown trying to be Jake Phelps the biggest druggie drunk douchebag in skateboarding