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adj. dough·ti·er, dough·ti·est
Marked by stouthearted courage; brave.

[Middle English, from Old English dohtig; see dheugh- in Indo-European roots.]

dough′ti·ly adv.
dough′ti·ness n.
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That's all behind him now and, as well as Manners, he has another resilient character from his past whose doughtiness he can call to mind should times get tough.
Investigative journalism reaches new levels in doughtiness and concludes with a shocking crescendo in this tome, as Gaubatz, his son Chris and Paul Sperry infiltrate the shady Washington, DC based organization known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); the nation's largest and purportedly mainstream Muslim-American "civil rights" advocacy agency.
AoThe small boy from the cupboardAo has become a bright-eyed warrior, a youth who comprehends his own fate and pursues it, like all true heroes, with doughtiness and wit.