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 (dôr′o͞o, dō′ro͝o) also Due·ro (dwĕr′ō)
A river rising in north-central Spain, flowing about 800 km (495 mi) generally westward into Portugal and continuing to the Atlantic Ocean at Oporto.


(ˈdʊərəʊ; Portuguese ˈdoru)
(Placename) a river in SW Europe, rising in N central Spain and flowing west to NE Portugal, then south as part of the border between the two countries and finally west to the Atlantic. Length: 895 km (556 miles). Spanish name: Duero


(Port. ˈdoʊ rʊ)

a river in SW Europe, flowing W from N Spain through N Portugal to the Atlantic. ab. 475 mi. (765 km) long. Spanish, Duero.


[ˈdʊərəʊ] NDuero m
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The upgrade of Douro SME No 2's class A notes also reflects the protection from the large credit enhancement (CE) of 45% as of the last reporting period, provided by the subordination of the class B notes and the reserve fund.
For unusual, and dirt cheap, their Azinhaga de Ouro Douro Branco, from Douro, is a fruit salad party wine if ever there was.
Contract award notice: 5010017059 / drf-vgn / 2018 - contract for "stabilization of slopes between km 119,540 and km 145,800 (lot 4) of the douro line"
From the Trindade station - the main hub for travellers arriving from the north - the trains disgorge you out onto the Avenida dos Aliados, leading you south towards the Douro river, as much a part of Porto's character as the Thames is of London's.
Team Abu Dhabi's Rashed Al Qemzi finished fourth in the Grand Prix of Portugal to seal the title on Sunday on the Douro river.
SIX SENSES DOURO VALLEY, PORTUGAL Rooms from $450; sixsenses.
Getting into the spirit of harvest season, I climb into a legare (wine vat) at Quinta da Pacheca in Portugal's Douro Valley and stomp alongside proudly professional old men as they rotate lower limbs in perfect harmony, accompanied by a cheerful accordionist.
uk; 0800 988 5873) offers a 10-day cruise and tour of Lisbon and The Douro on board the Royal Barge, The Spirit of Chartwell from Porto to the Spanish border from PS2,449pp (two sharing) - saving PS200pp.
Next up (or down) is a brace from Portugal, starting with Asda Extra Special Douro 2014, made by big-time producer Falua.
Porto, also known as Oporto, is the second-largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon VISIT LOCATED along the Douro river estuary in Northern Portugal, Porto is one of the oldest European centres, and its historical core was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.