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 (dŭv′kōt′, -kŏt′) also dove·cot (-kŏt′)
A compartmental structure, often raised on a pole, for housing domesticated pigeons.


(ˈdʌvˌkəʊt) or


(Architecture) a structure for housing pigeons, often raised on a pole or set on a wall, containing compartments for the birds to roost and lay eggs



also dove•cot


a structure, usu. at a height above the ground, for housing domestic pigeons.
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Noun1.dovecote - a birdhouse for pigeonsdovecote - a birdhouse for pigeons    
birdhouse - a shelter for birds


[ˈdʌvkɒt] Npalomar m


[ˈdʌvkəʊt] dovecot [ˈdʌvkɒt] npigeonnier m


[ˈdʌvˌkəʊt] ncolombaia
References in classic literature ?
It is a world of disappointments, as John discovered when he reached the Dovecote.
Laurie came sneaking into the kitchen of the Dovecote one Saturday, with an excited face, and was received with the clash of cymbals, for Hannah clapped her hands with a saucepan in one and the cover in the other.
Hurree Babu came out from behind the dovecote washing his teeth with ostentatious ritual.
Had ye slain him it would have been an ill day for you, for Robin Hood would have harried your town as the kestrel harries the dovecote.
And sometimes, also, do I find a fugitive creature in my dovecote, which is alien to me, and trembleth when I lay my hand upon it.
Passed away peacefully at Dovecote Care Home on 10th November, aged 94 years, Harold, beloved husband of Joan, dear father of Pamela and Colin.
The pub was once called The Dovecote and was the scene of a murder two years ago.
Existing tenant Dovecote Accounting signed a 300 s/f expansion at 200 13th Avenue.
Contract notice: Performance of the services required for cleaning and hygiene of the premises of the french comedy and old dovecote, the glazing, supply of equipment and medical consumables, 3d.
Containers from Schoeller Allibert have been selected by Dovecote Park, supplier of finest quality British beef, for use in its new cold store in Stapleton, North Yorkshire.
For The Old Dovecote in the village of East Harlsey is as unusual as it is charming - and its owner has gone to great lengths to restore and renovate the tower shaped brick home, transforming it into a unique place to live.
As an example of best practice among processors, Dovecote Park and Waitrose were singled out for praise for their ongoing commitment to their producers.