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also dove·key  (dŭv′kē)
A small black-and-white seabird (Alle alle) of the Arctic and northern Atlantic Oceans, having a short bill and a stout body. Also called little auk.

[ Diminutive of dove.]


(ˈdʌvkɪ) or


(Animals) another name for the little auk. See auk
[C19: Scottish diminutive of dove1]


or dove•key

(ˈdʌv ki)

n., pl. -kies or -keys.
a small short-billed black-and-white auk, Alle alle, of N Atlantic and Arctic oceans.
[1815–25; dove1 + -kie compound suffix (see -ock, -ie)]
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Noun1.dovekie - small short-billed auk abundant in Arctic regionsdovekie - small short-billed auk abundant in Arctic regions
auk - black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas
genus Plautus, Plautus - a genus of Alcidae
petit guillemot
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Puffins and Dovekies are distinguished from each other by their feeding preferences, mainly fish and zooplankton, respectively (Lowther et al.
Dovekies breed in dense colonies in Greenland, Norway (Jan Mayen, Svalbard), and Russia (Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, Severnaya Zemlya).
In winter, they sometimes fly out on to the ice floes to eat puffins, dovekies, razorbills and murres -- and even scavenge on polar bear seal kills.
After being rehabilitated by a specialist, it was released back into the wild along with several other dovekies recovered by the rescue organization, Star Foundation.
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Leigh Smith and his men then settled down for a relatively comfortable winter, the provisions they had salvaged being augmented by the meat of 34 bears and 24 walrus, plus vast numbers of murres and dovekies before they disappeared before the winter and after they returned in the spring.
I'm betting those observers hardy enough to buffet the cold and wind are now seeing through their scopes and binoculars huge numbers of gannets, along with a few penguin-like puffins, murres, razorbills, dovekies and guillemots.
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Audubon Fall Pelagic Trip, aboard the MV/Granite State with leader Steve Mirick, search the length of Jeffrey's Ledge 20 miles offshore for gannets, puffins, petrels, shearwaters, skuas, dovekies, murres and razorbills, as well as whales and dolphins.