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1. Law
a. A spouse's legal entitlement, during his or her lifetime, to a share of a deceased spouse's real estate or other property.
b. The part or interest of a deceased man's real estate allotted by law to his widow for her lifetime.
2. A natural endowment or gift; a dowry.
tr.v. dow·ered, dow·er·ing, dow·ers
To give a dower to; endow.

[Middle English douere, from Old French douaire, from Medieval Latin dōtārium, dōārium, from Latin dōs, dōt-, dowry; see dō- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Law) the life interest in a part of her husband's estate allotted to a widow by law
2. (Sociology) an archaic word for dowry1
3. a natural gift or talent
(Law) (tr) to endow
[C14: from Old French douaire, from Medieval Latin dōtārium, from Latin dōs gift]
ˈdowerless adj


(ˈdaʊ ər)

1. the portion of a deceased husband's real property allowed to his widow for life.
3. to provide with a dower or dowry.
[1250–1300; Middle English dowere < Old French do(u)aire < Medieval Latin dōtārium. See dot2, -ary]
dow′er•less, adj.


 a burrow of rabbits or the like, 1490.


Past participle: dowered
Gerund: dowering

I dower
you dower
he/she/it dowers
we dower
you dower
they dower
I dowered
you dowered
he/she/it dowered
we dowered
you dowered
they dowered
Present Continuous
I am dowering
you are dowering
he/she/it is dowering
we are dowering
you are dowering
they are dowering
Present Perfect
I have dowered
you have dowered
he/she/it has dowered
we have dowered
you have dowered
they have dowered
Past Continuous
I was dowering
you were dowering
he/she/it was dowering
we were dowering
you were dowering
they were dowering
Past Perfect
I had dowered
you had dowered
he/she/it had dowered
we had dowered
you had dowered
they had dowered
I will dower
you will dower
he/she/it will dower
we will dower
you will dower
they will dower
Future Perfect
I will have dowered
you will have dowered
he/she/it will have dowered
we will have dowered
you will have dowered
they will have dowered
Future Continuous
I will be dowering
you will be dowering
he/she/it will be dowering
we will be dowering
you will be dowering
they will be dowering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been dowering
you have been dowering
he/she/it has been dowering
we have been dowering
you have been dowering
they have been dowering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been dowering
you will have been dowering
he/she/it will have been dowering
we will have been dowering
you will have been dowering
they will have been dowering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been dowering
you had been dowering
he/she/it had been dowering
we had been dowering
you had been dowering
they had been dowering
I would dower
you would dower
he/she/it would dower
we would dower
you would dower
they would dower
Past Conditional
I would have dowered
you would have dowered
he/she/it would have dowered
we would have dowered
you would have dowered
they would have dowered
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.dower - money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriagedower - money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage
gift - something acquired without compensation
2.dower - a life estate to which a wife is entitled on the death of her husband
estate for life, life estate - (law) an estate whose duration is limited to the life of the person holding it
Verb1.dower - furnish with an endowment; "When she got married, she got dowered"
gift, present, give - give as a present; make a gift of; "What will you give her for her birthday?"
benefice - endow with a benefice


noun dowry, share, portion, legacy, inheritance, provision The dower was comprised of royal French lands in Artois.


To present with a quality, trait, or power:
lesken osuus
References in classic literature ?
The judicious parent, having nothing to bestow or withhold but his blessing, had handsomely settled that dower upon them after a short struggle, and had informed Mr.
The Prince, far more attracted by the thoughts of possessing the Princess than her promised dower, set forth in his quest after taking leave of the King and Queen, the latter giving him a miniature of her daughter which she was in the habit of wearing.
And this is why there is a new household and a brand-new baby in Naseby Dower House; and why the great Van Tromp lives in pleasant style upon the shores of England; and why twenty-six individual copies of the THYMEBURY STAR are received daily at the door of Naseby House.
full thirds = Old Monson's widow would under American common law receive a life interest in one-third of his real property, called a dower right, which would revert to his children if she died without remarrying.
I have three daughters, Chrysothemis, Laodice, and lphianassa, let him take the one of his choice, freely and without gifts of wooing, to the house of Peleus; I will add such dower to boot as no man ever yet gave his daughter, and will give him seven well established cities, Cardamyle, Enope, and Hire, where there is grass; holy Pherae and the rich meadows of Anthea; Aepea also, and the vine-clad slopes of Pedasus, all near the sea, and on the borders of sandy Pylos.
The same wan day peeps in at Sir Leicester pardoning the repentant country in a majestically condescending dream; and at the cousins entering on various public employments, principally receipt of salary; and at the chaste Volumnia, bestowing a dower of fifty thousand pounds upon a hideous old general with a mouth of false teeth like a pianoforte too full of keys, long the admiration of Bath and the terror of every other commuuity.
The young women wear their dower strung upon a strong wire that curves downward from the top of the head to the jaw--Turkish silver coins which they have raked together or inherited.
Here are two hundred bright golden angels; give thy blessing, as I say, and I will count them out to thee as thy daughter's dower.
That light is the dower you brought him, and he is a wealthy man if it does not flicker.
And in addition to all this, his was that super-strength that is the dower of but one human in millions--a strength depending not on size but on degree, a supreme organic excellence residing in the stuff of the muscles themselves.
As for Nicholas, he lived a single man on the patrimonial estate until he grew tired of living alone, and then he took to wife the daughter of a neighbouring gentleman with a dower of one thousand pounds.
In New Bedford, fathers, they say, give whales for dowers to their daughters, and portion off their nieces with a few porpoises a-piece.